Brazilian mom, educator, anthropologist and dancer. English language teacher for over 20 years. Embraces the affordances of digital technology for teaching and learning. Loves belonging and community, deep reading and conversations, preferably over coffee or wine. Digital, web, and media literacy enthusiast. Google Certified Trainer and Innovator (BRZ17). Innovation Specialist at Casa Tomas Jefferson, Educational Consultant and teacher developer with Brazilian Google PD Partner Amplifica. Favorite communities: #Rhizo14, #Digiuri. Favorite newsletters: Austin Kleon, Seth Godin, and Doug Belshaw. People in Education I admire: Carla Arena, Maha Bali, Dave Cormier, Michael Wesch. A book I’m reading and loving: Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. Professional Portfolio (in Portuguese, my mother tongue).



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