open education

Taking on #ccourses

My friend Maha was the one to point to this rabbit hole called Connected Courses. Awesome. I’m thinking of dragging my friend Carla Arena down this one with me. We have a project in the oven and I feel that jumping into #ccourses might give us a good taste of open education environments and practices which will be key to our concocting of this and so many other projects. Back to my friend Maha, she also has some cool ideas for EdConteXts and Connected Courses to blend and hack-back (though I’m not sure what that looks like in practice, at least not just yet). Which is fine, since embracing uncertainty is certainly something so… so rhizomatic.

And we love us some rhizomes for supper, don’t we Maha? Carla, help yourself.

So, bring it on Connected Courses.