All You Need is Love

photo 1 (3)It’s always wonderful to reconnect with old friends. This afternoon, I had just that opportunity in going to Stella’s 2nd birthday party. Her mom, Tainá, and I have been friends since our teenage years, and I have always admired her excellent taste in all things, ranging from fashion to design to photography. She chose the Beatles – Yellow Submarine as the theme for her little girl’s birthday party, and everything looked absolutely gorgeous, as things usually do when they have Tainá’s touch.

And so it was, to the tunes of the Beatles, that I met another old friend of mine, Verena, and as incredible as it may sound (you will know what I mean if you have small children), we actually managed to sit down and talk for a little while. She asked me what was it that I had been doing lately, if I had been engaged in any new projects, saying that she had noticed some different type and amount of activity in my Facebook timeline. I explained to her that I’d been very much engaged in professional (and personal) development, and that I’d been connecting with very interesting people and educators from all around the globe via Twitter. She then told me about her professional moment, and the fact that she’d been doing a lot of writing on her professional area – she is a psychologist who’s been working as a Body Talk therapist for some years now. She told me about a feeling she has had lately, being engaged with creating relevant content in her area, as well as translating a lot of content related to the Body Talk system to Portuguese, that it might be time that she started blogging. She said that so much of her reading and learning lately had been happening on the blogosphere. I told her I’d taken to blogging myself, and that I’d been having a wonderful time at it. “If you’re looking to connect, and feel you have something to say, you should definitely go for it,” I said to her. And I sincerely hope she follows through with her blogging intentions, for she is such a brilliant woman, with so much soul and so much to contribute to the world.

I came home invigorated by our talk, happy that we’d had a chance of reconnecting the way we did. I was reminded of the feeling I had just as I was about to embark in the blogging experience, which was to experiment with my thoughts, to connect with others, to learn, and to find my true voice. If you are also contemplating the idea of starting your own blog, I say go for it. It’s such a pleasant challenge. Because, after all, we should never forget one thing:

…and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

photo (4)

 …and a strong PLN (online and offline)!

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